What to watch for during Oprah’s exit interview

MSNBC’s “The Rachel Maddow Show” is reporting that Oprah Winfrey has officially decided to leave her show and will be leaving the network on January 6th.

It’s unclear how she plans to handle her exit from the network, but her departure is one that will bring with it many challenges.

Here are the top questions that are sure to come up during her exit interview.


How will you deal with the backlash Oprah Winfers exit?

Will you just accept it and move on?

Will the media focus on you?

Will it be fair to the people you’ve inspired and raised?

Will the internet punish you if you do something you feel is wrong?

Will there be enough outrage to keep you on?


Will there even be a new host for the show?

Will Oprah become the new Oprah Wino?

What happens when she retires?

Will she become a “legend”?

Will you remain on Oprah as a spokesperson?

Will she get back to her old lifestyle?

Will your company still be owned by you?

Will you be able to stay connected to Oprah and keep your job?

Will your business continue to be successful?

Will this be a great or terrible transition?

Will anyone be able remember you as a person and/or a leader?

Will any of this be easy or hard?

Will anyone be willing to take on Oprah’s challenges?

Will Oprah be willing or able to forgive you?

Do you have a sense of what she has gone through?

Will her exit be seen as a blessing?

Will we see a renewed Oprah Winfeld?

Will we see you as Oprah Winfaes successor?

Will I be able t be your “voice of reason” and “your voice of authority?”

Will there be any new stars in the new incarnation of Oprah?

Will her show be remembered more fondly?

Will any of the former stars be willing and able to step in and help her move forward?

Will there even ever be another Oprah?

Are there any plans to renew her?

Will it be a positive transition for her legacy or a negative one?

Will this be her last season on Oprah?

Will all the show’s new stars take up the reins?

Will some of the shows cast be coming back?

Will they be able and willing to help with her exit?

Will they be willing/able to work with you and help you through this transition?

Will new stars be able or willing to join you on Oprahs final show?

Will most of the new stars join you in your exit interview?

Will everyone be able back together at the end of Oprah’s career?

Will people be able find new work?

Will all of her shows production and distribution companies remain intact?

Will new stars still be able hire and retain a new producer?

Will people be allowed to work on the shows own shows?

Will a new writer take over her writing duties?

Will producers be able take over their projects?

Will studios be able do business with the new owners?

Will network executives be able be sued for fraud?

Will many stars leave the network?

Will many of her producers stay on?

Will other new stars return to the show or leave?

Will some stars be allowed on?

Who will be able/able/willing to work for you?

Who will be allowed and able/willed to be part of your family?

Will one of the producers be replaced with a new one?

Will a new actor take over the role?

Will someone else take over writing duties for the new show?

Who is your “heart” person?

Who are you going to be working with?

Will someone else have to do the same?

Will another new star be able make an appearance?

Will another new actor make an appearances?

Will more people take on the show as well?

Will production be impacted by Oprah’s departure?

Will stars be returning to the network if they’re able?

Will everyone get back together on the new shows production?

Will more stars return or leave the show if they can?

Will production be affected by Oprahs departure?

Is there a reason behind the lack of new stars on the network after Oprah’s retirement?

Will others still be on the program?

Will their contracts be renewed?

Will others be allowed back to work in the show at a higher level?

Will that be a blessing or a curse?

Will “your” brand continue to shine after Oprahs death?

Will “yours” brand be as good as or better than other networks?

Will ABC’s parent company, CBS, be affected if Oprah’s network goes out of business?

Will Disney be impacted if Oprah leaves the show after her retirement?

Will other networks be impacted?

Will these new stars get to work as part of the network’s entertainment operations?

Will viewers be able watch their favorite people in their living rooms on the latest network TV shows?

Will these new networks continue to exist?

Will studios continue to produce the new network shows?

What will Oprah’s legacy be like?Will I be

MSNBC’s “The Rachel Maddow Show” is reporting that Oprah Winfrey has officially decided to leave her show and will be…

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