How to get your baby out of the house

A Brisbane woman says she’s trying to convince a friend to take her to the doctor to get her baby out from under her.

A month after giving birth, 28-year-old Nicole Dickson said she felt sick and rushed to hospital to get a diagnosis.

“I was in such a terrible pain I couldn’t move and my baby was still crying, so I was like ‘oh my god I’m going to die’,” Ms Dickson told 7.30.

“They put me on an IV and I was told I was bleeding, and I couldn´t even move.”

Ms Dickson, who was a mother herself for the first two years of her pregnancy, said her friend was a good listener and helped her through the pain.

“She gave me lots of hugs and she said she would be here for me at any time,” Ms Dison said.

“That was my best friend for the last three months.”‘

I can do this’After the baby was born, Ms Danton said she realised she had to go to hospital.

“My friend was in the intensive care unit with her, and she started crying, and the doctors said, ‘you have to go in’,” she said.

She said she was so afraid she was going to lose her baby and had to rush back to the hospital to tell her friend, who she says is also in the hospital.’

She’s my best person’The Brisbane woman said she is still struggling to recover from the baby’s birth, and is hoping to get the baby out.

“It feels like I can do anything, but I can’t do anything,” she said of her friend.

“When I was a little girl, my mom would give me the baby and put her on my bed and I would just fall asleep.”

But she said Ms Denton is “the only person I know in this world” who can give her life a meaning, and so she’s going to help her friend get the surgery done.

“Nicole’s a really strong person, and this will be the best thing that has ever happened to her, she said, “she’s my friend and she’s my baby”.”

It’s really good to be able to say I’m with her.

I can help her.

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A Brisbane woman says she’s trying to convince a friend to take her to the doctor to get her baby…

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