Trump: ‘We’re going to be the best of friends’ after Thanksgiving

PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP told a group of his supporters at a rally Wednesday that “we’re going have a great relationship” after Thanksgiving and vowed to make “good friends.”

“We’re all going to have a good relationship,” Trump said, telling the crowd of more than 1,000 people at a campaign rally in West Palm Beach, Florida.

“We’re friends and we’re going do good things.”

“I’m not going to talk about Thanksgiving because we’re in a good place right now.

We’re going get the job done.

We’ll get back to work on Thanksgiving,” he added.

Trump’s Thanksgiving rally, which was organized by the campaign and held in a small hotel ballroom, drew a crowd of about 2,000, according to the Palm Beach Post.

Trump has been at the center of an internal feud with Vice President Mike Pence over the weekend over a controversial tweet he posted Saturday that was quickly taken down and later re-posted on Twitter.

The tweet was about Trump’s plan to send the National Guard to protect the White House from potential attacks by ISIS.

Trump, who has been criticized for his comments about Pence and the military, said he has spoken to Pence and that the vice president has “advised him to keep his campaign promise.”

“This is a great day,” Trump told the crowd.

“I want you to have this Thanksgiving day, I want you all to have Thanksgiving and the Christmas season.”

He added that he will continue to “work with you on this,” and that he would be “happy to see you again” after he returns from Thanksgiving.

“This will be a great holiday for you all, because it’s the time of year where you all are feeling really good, and we want to see each other,” he said.

“So I know you’re all feeling very good.

We are going to get you back.

We will be the most loyal people in the world.”

Trump also reiterated his support for embattled Attorney General Jeff Sessions, who is expected to recuse himself from the Russia investigation amid reports he spoke with the Russian ambassador during the campaign.

Trump, who had previously called Sessions a “loser” and “a total phony,” said he believes Sessions is “very loyal to the president.”

“He was a loyal, loyal, big league attorney general, and now he’s being punished for it,” Trump joked.

Trump and his wife Melania have taken several trips to the West Palm beach area in recent weeks, as the president has made an effort to stay away from politics.

He has spent much of the past two months traveling to Florida, Florida, Texas and Louisiana, where he has hosted a series of political fundraisers.

PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP told a group of his supporters at a rally Wednesday that “we’re going have a great relationship”…

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