Motivational Interview Questions: Are they necessary?

Motivations, the term coined by David Cameron in 2012, are key to the campaign to win the 2020 general election.

They are also the focus of a series of interviews conducted by BBC Sport’s John Pritchard and Andrew Mason.

These will feature the answers of three different groups of people who have different motivations.


Voters who are more likely to be swayed by a compelling narrative about a particular person or group, such as an inspirational story, a positive experience, or a job that they can build a career from Source: BBC Sport article Voters who see a compelling story are more inclined to vote Conservative.

That’s because they are less likely to have the luxury of being swayed by the story of an individual, or even of a group, said Prof Richard Burt, an expert in public opinion at Warwick University.

“The story is more important than the person.

They may be a hero to you, but they’re just a figurehead,” he said.


Voters are more prone to feel an emotional connection to the person they are interviewing Source: ITV News – ITV News interview source BBC Sports article Many of us feel an immediate connection to someone or something that we have experienced, said Andrew Mason, the presenter of ITV News’ Insight programme, Motivators.

But this isn’t always the case.

In the past, he has seen voters who were in a position to do the interview but were too busy to talk to someone else, or whose own emotional connections with a person were not strong enough.

And it isn’t uncommon for people to feel less connected to their interviewee than they might otherwise be.

But what people may not know is that they also have a better chance of being persuaded if they feel strongly about the subject.

“They might feel that they need to go back to the subject, and I think that’s very important,” said Prof Mason.

“If you’re not feeling that, that’s when you’re probably more likely not to go on to the interview.”

Motivative interview questions: What can voters learn from interviewing people they care about?

Source: John Pregerson/BBC Sport article Motivation questions are also crucial in the campaign for the 2020 election, because they can help voters to make a better decision about who to vote for.

“There’s a reason why people are called the Motivator, and why they’re often seen as the most effective people to interview,” said Burt.

“So the key is to think about how you can give people a reason to be more motivated and a reason not to be as disinterested in the person,” he added.

The next step is for voters to look at questions that relate to these three key areas: motivation, empathy and trustworthiness.

“You have to look not just at the question itself, but the context of the question,” said Mason.

That can mean looking at the person’s personality and motivations, how they behave, how people talk about them, and how they think about the world.

“What can you say about a person that will get them to engage more, to feel more connected to that person, and be more receptive to the topic?” said Burch.

This means looking at how people interact with each other, their work habits, their personal beliefs and their sense of personal agency.

“This is where we can really get to the heart of the story,” he continued.

“It’s about how people relate to one another.”


People can be influenced by positive and negative stories Source: Getty Images/AFP 2.

People are more motivated by positive stories Source

Motivations, the term coined by David Cameron in 2012, are key to the campaign to win the 2020 general election.They…

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