‘No doubt’: Salesforce’s CEO speaks with Oprah about her time as a CIA operative

When Oprah Winfrey sat down with Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff for an interview, the company’s CEO took the opportunity to speak with Oprah’s former co-workers and his wife, actress Sherilyn Fenn, who has been outspoken about the use of torture.

Salesforce has a history of dealing with abuse allegations from former employees.

SalesForce also has faced controversy over a recent interview in which Beniozff and his company CEO, Scott Gellman, said they didn’t know what the company did with intelligence obtained from the CIA.

Oprah Winfrey interviews Salesforce founder and CEO Marc Benjamin Beniof during the 2013 Super Bowl Halftime Show.

Benioffe is the CEO of Salesforce, the parent company of Amazon and Apple.

“You know what I like about the CIA?

It’s got a reputation for being the greatest torture organization in the world,” Benioffic said.

“So, when they tell you that, you know what, we’ve been working on that, but you never know what we’re gonna find out, and we just can’t tell you.”

Benioft said that when he met Fenn in 2002, she was “wearing a full-body latex suit, with black shoes, gloves and a mask.”

She said she was interrogated and then sexually assaulted in the back of a CIA-run van.

Sales Force had to stop using the CIA for interrogation after a CIA Inspector General report said the company didn’t follow procedures to properly handle such information.

The company said in a statement that it had “learned from this experience” and would no longer use the CIA in its interrogation.

The interview was published on the eve of a possible boycott of SalesForce by Amazon.

The online retailer said it would be boycotting the company until it changes its handling of CIA torture claims.

Amazon has previously been a target of allegations that it has a long history of mishandling intelligence related to torture.

In 2013, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos told Oprah Winfers show “The Oprah Winampersons” that he believed “the CIA torture program was a terrible mistake.”

The CIA, meanwhile, has repeatedly denied that it was involved in torture.

Benioff told Oprah that the CIA had a history with salespeople.

“We’ve had a lot of stories that we’re just not sure exactly what they were, what was the purpose, what the reason was,” Beniocas told Oprah.

“I think if you take a look at salespeople, the salesperson is probably one of the most important people on a team.

The salesperson does a lot more than just answer phone calls, they’re involved in all kinds of different tasks.

And they’re a team member, and they’re an officer, so they are very capable.”

Benioches wife Sherilyn told the AP that Benioef told her that she was used in interrogations.

“He was like, ‘You’re a salesperson, right?

You don’t know how to talk to people,'” Sherilyn said.

During the interview, Benioefe told Oprah she had to take off her mask.

“It was horrible,” Benionef said.

He said he tried to stop her from taking off her face mask, but she kept coming back with the mask.

He also said he gave Sherilyn a towel and then put her head on his shoulder.

“She said she had a headache, and she said she didn’t want to go to the hospital,” Beninoff said.

Sherilyn Benioaf, who starred in the hit film “Gone Girl,” talks to Oprah Winters show in 2013.

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When Oprah Winfrey sat down with Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff for an interview, the company’s CEO took the opportunity to…

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