Israel: ‘I think it’s going to be a long night’

A Jerusalem Post interview with a senior Israeli official was the most-viewed interview on the news website during the election period, beating out an exclusive interview with Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas and a lengthy interview with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

The top news story on the day of the poll was the prime minister’s speech, in which he defended the government’s policies against criticism and called the public’s approval of the job done by the new cabinet a “very positive and a positive result.”

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahus speech, which was broadcast on the television channel Yedioth Ahronoth, was the first of several interviews with senior Israeli leaders.

The second was conducted with Deputy Prime Minister Gilad Erdan, who was also the countrys chief negotiator during the last election campaign.

Netanyahu’s speech came after a series of public appearances by ministers, and followed a meeting between Netanyahu and the opposition leader Isaac Herzog, who said he would not be “going to prison” for his remarks.

In his address, Netanyahu said the new government’s election results were a positive step, and the government had a mandate to change the country’s course, which has been marked by the loss of more than 1,000 Palestinian citizens in the past year.

Netanyahuses administration has seen its approval rating drop, as well as the number of Israelis who have said they have voted for an alternative to the coalition’s two-state solution, to the opposition Labor Party.

The Labor Party has been campaigning to win over voters in the country with its “No” vote, and its support among Palestinians has plummeted.

Netahus administration has been facing growing criticism in the United States and elsewhere over its policies towards Palestinians.

He has faced accusations that he has failed to uphold international law and that his government has been complicit in Israel’s treatment of Palestinians.

A Jerusalem Post interview with a senior Israeli official was the most-viewed interview on the news website during the election…

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