Which of the naked interview questions is the most fun?

In the past, we’ve found that the naked questions on this list have been pretty funny.

But the questions asked on the naked interviews show can be just as awkward.

So, what are the best nude interview questions?

Here are a few we think will help you laugh, and maybe even get a laugh out of it.

Read on for more.1.

“What do you think of your new car?”

“It’s beautiful.”

“Is it going to get the job done?”

“I’m not sure.

It’s a great car, but it’s kind of a workhorse.”2.

“Is it time for a little bit of introspection about your relationship?”

“Yeah, maybe I should have just stayed home with my kids.”3.

“Would you go to a party in a bikini?”

“No, because it’s weird.”4.

“You’ve been with your boyfriend for a few years now, so how is it going?”

“We’re both on good terms, and we both have nice jobs.

It works out pretty well.”5.

“If I had to pick one of you guys, who would it be?”


“So, which of the famous people would you like to have sex with?”

“Kurt Cobain.”7.

“Who are some of the sexiest women you’ve ever met?”

“Natalie Portman.”8.

“When you were pregnant, were you tempted to give birth early?”

“When I was in my 20s, I wanted to have a baby in the summer, so I went to a spa and had sex there.”9.

“Do you have any weird, crazy sexual fantasies?”

“Maybe a little, maybe not.

Like, a lot.”10.

“Are you a fan of Star Trek?”

“Oh, yeah, of course.

It was my favorite show.

I’ve never seen any of the movies, but I like all the original episodes.”11.

“Which of the actors do you like most?”

I’ve always loved Tom Cruise.

Yes.”13. “

Have you had a real relationship before?”


“Any particular sexual fantasies that you have about a particular person?”

“Sex with my wife would be awesome.”14.

“How do you feel about being the first man to be on a reality show?”

“Pretty awesome.”15.

“Did you ever dream about being on a cruise ship?”

“Not really.”16.

“There’s a movie called The Night Of that has you and your girlfriend sitting at a table in a restaurant.

Are you going to be the first guy on the table?””

Of course.”17.

“And now I’m here, and you’re not.”


I’m not.”18.

“Tell me the name of the guy you’ve been seeing for the last few months.”

“I don’t really like that person, but my girlfriend has just been telling me about her boyfriend.”19.

“In the movie, you have to pretend to have an affair to get on the cruise ship.”

“That’s a very funny thing, because when I’m doing it, I think, I have to be that guy.

I think of it as like an attraction.

It makes me want to be around that guy, but when I get on board, I don of course just get on with it.”20.

“Can you explain to me why you think a woman can be a good match for a man?”

Well, the first thing I think is that she’s a woman.

The second thing is that I think she’s attractive.

Because I think they’re funny.”22. “

Why are you so into men?”

“Because I think they’re funny.”22.

“But they’re also pretty unattractive, right?”

“And I’ve seen a lot of pictures of guys who look like women, so it’s a bit of a crossroads.”23.

“It’s true that the guy is always a little jealous.”


“I’m a pretty happy person and I really love myself.

Do you think I’m a man?””

If you’re a guy, you’re probably a pretty sad person, right?

If you’re just a happy person, then you’re pretty nice.

If you like people, then I think you’re kind of an idiot.”25.

“Well, you seem like a pretty nice person, so you must be happy.”

“Of the two, I’d say that I’m more nice than the other guy.”26.

“My parents were both very strict in their parenting style, but now that I have kids, I really like having them around.

I like to play with them.””

So, I’m going to let you go out with them for a while and then you can come back with

In the past, we’ve found that the naked questions on this list have been pretty funny.But the questions asked on…

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