Robert Pattinson: ‘I’d love to do this again’

After a tumultuous six years as the lead actor of the hit NBC comedy The Sopranos, Robert Pattison is set to return to television in a big way with his next project, the CBS drama The Last Ship.

He is set for a big role on the show, and we caught up with him to get his thoughts on his new role, what he wants to say about the show’s new cast and more.

We are not going to spoil too much about this show, but it’s a very different show.

It’s very different in every way, and it’s also very different from any other show I’ve done.

There are a lot of new characters, new scenes, and there are a whole lot of people that I’ve worked with, including Tom Hanks, who I’ve played in the past.

The new cast is really diverse, and they’ve got a lot to do.

You have a great cast.

You’ve got the cast that was on the series, and you’ve got Tom Harkness, who is one of my heroes, who plays an alcoholic character.

And you’ve also got David Bowie, who has a big part, who you have to respect, because he plays the guy that was a heroin addict, and who I’m not.

There’s a lot going on in this show.

I’m really excited.

I love playing this part, and I hope that everybody does as well.

I think the show has always been about the characters and the relationships and the humanity that you see between the characters.

But I don’t think that we have done anything yet that is so much about the human beings, which is one reason why I love doing this show is because it’s not just a character drama, and that’s great.

But you also want to get back to the heart of what makes us human and what makes people tick.

It seems like everyone in this world has a story that they have to tell, and if you look at the past six years of The Soprano, you can see that, and now I’m trying to take that story and tell it in a new way.

So I think that this is really a story about the character, and about what it means to be human.

It’s interesting that you mentioned that you had a lot more to do on the first season of The Last Ships, which was a lot bigger than this show because it was about the relationships.

So when you say that you did a lot on the Sopranes, I think what you meant was that you worked on the pilot, the first one, for a very long time, for years, and then you kind of got a little tired of it, you didn’t want to do it anymore.

How does it feel now to have a lot less to do with the show?

It’s been really fun.

It was fun doing it.

We’ve got to get to work on some other things.

It hasn’t been a fun ride.

But when you get to do something like this, it’s fun, because you’re really getting to learn a lot.

We’re not working on it right now.

We haven’t started shooting it.

And I think it’s just like a big leap from the first pilot to now.

I think, as you go on, it becomes more fun.

I don: [Laughs] I can’t wait to get on that plane and get back and have a little bit of fun.

I can’t answer that.

But, it was fun, and the character was so complex, and everybody played so many different parts.

I mean, that’s what makes it interesting.

I’ve been on other shows, and some of them I just think, “Oh, we’re going to get it over with.”

But this one is a lot deeper than that.

It is a character-driven show.

And that was what I was very happy with on The Sopras, so I don;t think there’s anything that would stop me from doing this.

I just want to give the best performance I can in the parts that I’m playing.

I would love to be back.

I can do it again.

But we’re just going to have to see how long that takes.

It will be interesting to see.

I have to say, the thing that made me really happy was the new character that they’ve brought in, and when they brought in David Bowie for a role, it really was great.

And when you see Tom Harkin, he’s like the best guy.

And Tom Haines is like a great guy.

But the other thing was, I was like, “This is so cool, because Tom Hinkley is going to be on the next show.”

And Tom is, too.

I know that they’re trying to keep Tom Hankes on the second series.

And so I was, like, it sounds cool.

So that was really cool.

After a tumultuous six years as the lead actor of the hit NBC comedy The Sopranos, Robert Pattison is set…

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