How to fix John Boehner’s political future

The fate of John Boehner rests on whether or not he can keep his job as Speaker of the House of Representatives.

He will be in the House chamber for the next five weeks, but he can’t be there as long as he wants to.

He has been unable to pass legislation or negotiate with Democrats because of the shutdown.

He’s also been unable or unwilling to negotiate with his own caucus because of a lack of unity.

The current Republican leadership has been so unresponsive to their constituents and the American people that the only option left for the Republican Party is to hold elections to replace Boehner.

The only way to ensure that he is reelected is for the voters to decide.

Boehner has been in a constant state of crisis since the shutdown began.

He is the Speaker of House Republicans, and he is a very popular person in the country.

He won reelection in 2010 and is the most popular Speaker in the history of the United States.

It is a real shame that he can no longer be the Speaker that Americans voted for.

But, we’re not done yet.

We’re going to get to work and try to bring about change.

We’ve got a very powerful organization here in the Republican caucus.

It’s the Freedom Caucus, a group of Republican members of Congress who believe in a small government, limited government approach to government.

That means that we need to get rid of Obamacare and replace it with something that is actually more popular and that is the American Health Care Act.

The Freedom Caucus is a group that represents the grassroots conservative base.

It consists of more than a dozen of the most conservative members of the GOP caucus.

They’re mostly moderates who have a different political approach to the Republican party.

They believe in fiscal responsibility and they want to see Republicans keep the promise of fiscal responsibility.

The idea is to lower taxes, cut spending, reduce the size of government, and put Americans back to work.

They want to restore the American dream that we all want.

They are also very conservative on immigration, and they’re very pro-gun rights.

The Republican Party has been the party of fiscal conservatism and they are the most pro-life party in the United State.

They also believe that all Americans should be treated equally.

They see all Americans as human beings with equal rights, and that they should have access to quality health care that is affordable, that they shouldn’t have to pay a premium to get it, and should be able to afford their own health care, and not have to go to a doctor or a hospital and be turned away because they’re undocumented.

The American people voted for Donald Trump and he has shown that he will make the right decisions on what he wants.

He wants to build the wall on the southern border and he wants immigration to be regulated by federal agencies.

He also believes that we should make sure that we protect the Second Amendment, which is a great American tradition, and the Second Amendments are being violated by a bunch of Democrats and by the left.

It looks like they are going to try to do all of that, and if they succeed, then they’re going do it all over again.

There is also a Democratic caucus in the conference.

It was formed by the progressive wing of the Democratic Party.

They say that they want a different approach to governing, and we’re going there with the same principles.

We will continue to fight for people who are not going to be able afford health care in this country, and for people in the middle class and those who don’t have health insurance.

The most conservative wing of our caucus is the Freedom caucus.

And it is not a faction that is opposed to any of these things.

It wants to restore American fiscal responsibility, protect the American Dream, and give Americans the freedom to pursue their dreams.

This is the Democratic caucus, the progressive caucus, and there is a lot of overlap between the two groups.

We need to make sure we keep that caucus together because they have a lot in common.

If you look at how our two parties have dealt with this, it’s a very hard-fought, tough, and frustrating battle.

And the Republican leadership is going to have to be very cautious about how they proceed with these elections, because the Republican base is not happy with the results.

If they do not come out of this with a majority of seats in the chamber, the House may not be able pass a budget for the rest of this year.

This would be devastating for Republicans in the short term, but we are very confident that we can make a difference.

And, in the long run, I think the Democrats are going the right way.

I think that they will make some good changes to their platform and I think they will be a more conservative and more pro-business party than they are right now.

And I think it’s time for the House to have a new leadership team, and hopefully, they’ll make some important changes to the direction that they’ve

The fate of John Boehner rests on whether or not he can keep his job as Speaker of the House…

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