5 ways to ask your interview questions

You can ask a lot of questions, but it doesn’t mean you have to ask them all the time.

Here are 5 ways you can ask your interviewer questions without giving away too much of what you already know.


Is your interviewer a good interviewer?

I know this sounds obvious, but I’ve heard it many times.

There are so many different types of interviews and I’m sure there are others that don’t quite make it into my list.

But if you have a great interview with an interviewer that you trust, then you can find that perfect match for you.

This question is important to ask.

Are they comfortable interviewing?

Are they focused on your skills and interests?

Is the interviewer willing to listen to your questions?

I’d even say that most interviewers are willing to take the time to listen.


Are you prepared to do the interview?

You may want to have a “ready to go” attitude, but don’t expect a quick answer.

Even if you’re good at the questions you’re asked, you still need to be prepared to ask some more.

Make sure you’re prepared for what to expect, how to ask it, and how to answer it. 3.

How long will you wait for your interview?

A lot of interview questions can be asked and answered in a matter of minutes.

In the best case scenario, the interview will take less than 15 minutes, but in the worst case scenario that can be upwards of an hour.

If you can’t plan ahead, prepare yourself for the worst and don’t wait to get an answer.


Is the interview about what you want to know?

Most interviewers want to hear from you, but not necessarily what you have planned for the day.

This is where it gets tricky.

If your interviewer asks a question that is too broad or too specific, then they may not be able to understand your questions and the interview may go wrong.

If that’s the case, ask them if they have questions they can help you with.


Are there any special requirements for this interview?

I can’t stress this enough.

Even though this question might sound obvious, make sure you know the criteria and rules before you ask this question.

Is it a mandatory interview?

Is it mandatory to be part of this interview process?

Is there a specific way to answer your question?

Are there other questions that you need to ask before or after your interview that you don’t have the time or resources to answer?

You can ask a lot of questions, but it doesn’t mean you have to ask them all the time.Here are…

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