How to get to the top of your company’s earnings: Tara Reid and Steve Bannon

When Tara Reid was at Apple, she started by focusing on the bottom line.

She started by making sure she had the right people around her, making sure they were good at their jobs, and making sure that the people who weren’t there were well compensated.

She also made sure the people in the company were on top of their game.

Reid is now CEO of Salesforce, a company that’s focused on helping startups scale their business by helping them get to scale faster.

She recently sat down with Business Insider to talk about the company’s success story and how she’s learned from Steve Bannon.

Read moreFrom her earliest days at Apple to her new position at Salesforce (and beyond), Reid has focused on building companies that deliver value for their customers, not just their investors.

“I started at Apple and I had a really big vision for the company.

I saw a lot of people that were really focused on what they were going to be doing with the company, and they weren’t doing it well.

They weren’t building the company that they were supposed to build,” she says.

“So I really set out to change that, and I really tried to do that by making really strong leadership.

And I’ve always felt like I have that at SalesForce.”

Reid says she’s gotten a lot from Steve, but it’s clear she’ll be taking on a bigger role.

“He’s been very, very generous.

He’s really helped me out with my career.

I really look forward to continuing that relationship,” she said.

Reid also has a lot to learn about managing the challenges of growing your company from the bottom up.

“When I started at Microsoft, we were a startup.

We had this really big growth model, and the thing that I’ve learned is that there’s a lot more that happens behind the scenes than we think,” she tells Business Insider.

“The first thing that Steve and I did as a team was to try to create a structure in place that would help us do what we needed to do to really grow the company.”

When she was at Microsoft and had a lot going on, she and her team had to learn how to grow from the ground up.

She says that’s something that Steve was very interested in.

“He said, ‘You have to create this structure that’s going to make this happen,’ and that’s how we did it,” Reid recalls.

“And he said, it’s a really interesting thing.

I’m always going to admire that.

I think it’s the most important thing.

It’s how you get people to be engaged.

It gives people the confidence to get out and start working.”

Reids first meeting with Steve BannonShe says that it’s very important for anyone running a business to know what kind of leadership they need to be able to run it successfully.

“There’s a whole lot of stuff that I would say that I have learned about leadership from Steve,” Reid said.

“It was a little bit different, because I had been in management, but I also had a little experience in other businesses.

So I had to get the knowledge from Steve and understand his system, and what it meant to do it the way that he did.”

Reidy says she learned a lot about leadership when she worked for Steve at Microsoft.

“Steve’s great.

He was a leader, but he was also an innovator,” she adds.

“One of the things that Steve brought to the table was a willingness to embrace uncertainty.

He wanted to think outside the box, and he wanted to know how things could be done.

And that’s why he was so successful.”

Reides first meeting at Microsoft was with Steve at a dinner party at the home of Bill Gates.

Reid says she got to know him pretty well as a person, and says she quickly recognized that he was someone who had a passion for the business.

“I actually knew him at a very early stage of his career, and that was when I got the sense that he had a strong passion for his work,” Reid says.

She recalls how excited she was to be invited to attend that dinner party.

“To get to be at that table with him at that time and to learn more about him and what he was doing, I was very excited.”

Reid says that was the first time she had ever had a chance to work with a CEO in her position.

Reids new positionAt Salesforce Reid is the CEO of the company she’s now leading.

She said she had a very open and honest conversation with her first CEO, Bill Gates, about the challenges facing the company at the time.

“As a young woman coming up at that point in my career, I had just come out of a lot that had been happening to me.

I had also experienced a lot in my life.

So Bill was very clear that the company was in need of changes,” Reid tells

When Tara Reid was at Apple, she started by focusing on the bottom line.She started by making sure she had…

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