Trump, Hillary debate how to fight terrorism

Trump’s campaign is trying to portray a new era of peace in the Middle East, a new American century, and a new approach to global security.

Trump’s 2016 campaign slogan was “Make America Great Again.”

And in the weeks leading up to the presidential election, Trump’s team began an aggressive outreach to the American public to highlight how the new order would bring back “American greatness.”

The president’s team made a point of emphasizing that the U.S. was no longer an “outsider” on the world stage.

But this was not simply a rhetoric exercise.

Trump was talking about a fundamentally new approach.

The new order, which was put forward by the administration in late February, would bring about a new world order in which “American leadership is essential, and America will lead from behind in every endeavor, not just in the international arena, but at home and around the world.”

This new order is described in the White House as “the world we want.”

This order would restore the American way of life, with a strong emphasis on national security.

It would also restore America’s national security through the use of military force, a cornerstone of American national security strategy since World War II.

The administration argued that its new order was the only one that was consistent with American values and values of self-reliance, self-preservation, and economic opportunity.

Trump’s national-security advisers have also argued that this new order will not be a threat to democracy or freedom.

But it would be a major change in the way America has governed itself.

Trump himself is a staunch defender of American values.

In an interview with the Wall Street Journal in May, Trump said, “I have no idea what democracy is, but I know what freedom is, and I know that it is a democracy.”

Trump has repeatedly asserted that he does not believe in democracy, and in this interview, he also said, if I win, I am going to appoint judges who will uphold the rule of law, not the rule, the interpretation of the law.

He has argued that the law should be left to the courts, and that he will enforce it.

Trump has also repeatedly stated that the United States is no longer a “global policeman,” and that the global community is inextricably linked to American values, the rule.

And he has claimed that the world is in crisis, and he has repeatedly said that “we are going to have to get together, and we are going [to] do it as a nation.”

The Trump administration has also said that the new world-order would not include any of the countries that have been in the United Nations Security Council since the end of World War I.

Trump, who campaigned on a promise to “make America great again,” has repeatedly insisted that he would reverse all of the policies of the Obama administration, which he called the worst in the world.

This new world has not been easy to swallow.

But Trump has also argued, and this has been borne out by his own words, that this order is in the national interest.

In the interview with WSJ, Trump told the newspaper, “Our country is in a terrible state right now.”

This is the most significant change that the Trump administration is making to its foreign policy.

Trump himself has also expressed the belief that the future of the U,S.

is in American hands.

In one of his speeches, he told the audience at a campaign rally that he is “not going to let anybody else do this job for us.”

Trump has repeatedly argued that he has a mandate to “Make American Great Again,” and to bring back the country that was once known for its strength and its prosperity.

But in the past, Trump has argued, he did not have a mandate.

He did not need to win the election to do this.

He needed to show that he could do this, and the country he represented needed to believe that he had a mandate for this.

Trump is also attempting to present himself as a strong and principled leader.

But he has made clear that he can be even more decisive in the foreign-policy arena, and with a new vision for the future.

This vision has led Trump to seek a new role for himself in the military.

In recent weeks, the Trump team has been making steady and consistent efforts to shift American forces away from the U.-S.

military, away from combat operations, and toward counterterrorism.

These efforts have been most clearly articulated by the national security adviser, retired Lt.

Gen. Michael Flynn, who has said that, while he has “no idea what a military is” and has “nothing to do with it,” he does have “a big interest in getting the troops out of Iraq and Syria.”

The administration has been trying to convince the public that the withdrawal of U.N. forces from Iraq and Afghanistan will “turn the tide in our favor” in the region.

But the administration has not shown a great

Trump’s campaign is trying to portray a new era of peace in the Middle East, a new American century, and…

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