Chuck Norris interviews Chuck Norris

Chuck Norris has been in the news lately because of his new movie, Chuck Norris: Die Hard.

Norris has come out swinging on his former partner, Mark Wahlberg, who was accused of rape in a lawsuit filed against him by his then-girlfriend, Jessica Alba.

The film stars Wahlberts wife, Jessica Chastain, and has been criticized for some of its content.

Norris is also known for his outspoken views on social issues, and his outspoken comments about the state of the world have been controversial.

We caught up with Norris for an exclusive interview.

What’s your favorite movie?

Chuck Norris: It’s the one that I think everybody in this room will be watching for the rest of their lives.

And that’s the great thing about being a film star, you get to be a movie star for a long time, you have time to do stuff that you might not have done before.

So I’m really looking forward to that.

It’s hard to say.

There’s been a lot of controversy surrounding Die Hard, and I’ve been talking to some of the women who’ve been raped, but there’s no way to know if it was the same as what Mark Wachowiak did.

I think there are plenty of women who were abused, and the reason that Mark Wacheitiak wasn’t charged is because he was a professional actor.

But the women were all in their late teens and early 20s, and Mark Wachaitis didn’t even know they were victims of abuse until after they’d been raped.

And so it’s hard for me to say whether it’s true or not.

So, I would be very surprised if it’s not true, but I’m looking forward in that regard.

Chuck Norris is a film actor.

How did you end up in this film business?

I got a job in an auto parts factory, and my boss said, “Well, I’m a movie actor.

I can do that.”

I was interested in being a movie producer, and then, when I went to Los Angeles, I saw that it was a great place to do business.

And I was looking to make movies.

So it was all about being able to make the movies I wanted to make.

And once I got to the point where I could make a movie that could sell tickets and pay for itself, I was able to do that.

I started making movies in Los Angeles and went on to do other things.

I was making movies when I was 16 years old, and at 16 years of age I was the first kid in the world to be making movies.

How long did it take to get into the business?

Well, I started doing movies when we were 16, and it took a year and a half to do the first one.

The second one was in 2002.

I went back to L.A. in 2006.

So they were doing the third one, and they didn’t release the third movie until 2009.

It was my first movie in 25 years.

I had a contract with Universal and they were giving me $300,000 for each film.

I got paid that money by Universal.

How long did that take?

It took me two years and a couple of years of doing it.

I did two movies that were called The Man From Utopia, which was the second movie in the franchise, and The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance, which is the third film.

The Man Who Tried to Take Over America.

It had a lot more violence and nudity, but it had a really good script.

What was the script like?

The script was really interesting.

It’s about an evil corporation that has kidnapped the country and they’re kidnapping people and they want to do it again.

It got me interested in the business.

It became a passion project.

I’m so happy I made it.

The thing that makes this so great is that I get to do things that I’ve never done before, and there’s not much else out there for me.

How many years have you been in this business?

Since 1999.

I’ve done the movies for Universal and I have the third sequel.

Do you think it was worth it?

No, not really.

I have a feeling that Universal is doing some things that they shouldn’t be doing and they should be ashamed of.

They should be proud of the fact that they made a movie about me.

They made a film about me, and you’re the first person who’s made a $100 million movie, but the fact is, you don’t have a shot at making a movie of your own anymore, and if you don, you’re going to be judged by a lot other people than yourself.

How much does that affect you?

I don’t know.

I don of course, and that’s just a fact of life.

Do I get the thrill of it?


I get that thrill of making films that make me feel good.

I like to see movies that are fun, that are

Chuck Norris has been in the news lately because of his new movie, Chuck Norris: Die Hard.Norris has come out…

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