When a man talks to you about sex, the answer can be surprising

Posted March 10, 2019 14:59:40When you’re talking to someone about sex and you have the option to answer them honestly, how will you answer their question?

I have to admit, I had a hard time with this one.

As a listener, it’s not something you want to hear.

You want to know what they are going to tell you, how they will answer your question, how long it will take for you to hear it.

This is where Derek chauvin comes in.

In a recent interview with ABC radio, he talked about his experience with a friend of his.

Derek said he was talking to his friend in a private room and was asked to perform oral sex on him.

He said the conversation went something like this:You know, I think the idea that we can have an orgasm by the fact that we’re in the presence of another person is one that I think is very much worth discussing.

I was like ‘Well, you’re telling me that it’s actually possible to have an orgasms in the privacy of your own room?’

He was like, ‘Yeah, absolutely.

But, I mean, I would prefer to be in my own bedroom.

I don’t want to be touched.

I want to feel safe in my room and be able to control myself.’

He was also asking him to tell him about sex in a very casual way, so he could avoid making any of the mistakes that people are made.

In this instance, he chose not to.

Drew Angerer/Getty ImagesDerek also said the interviewer, who was not a friend, asked him what he would do if he had a problem with it.

He said he would tell them what he had done to the woman and what he felt about the sexual encounter.

I was in a really uncomfortable position.

I was like a little kid being like, you know what, this isn’t right.

I wanted to know if I would have done the same thing.

And that’s when he said, ‘Well you’re not allowed to talk about it.’

It wasn’t the first time this had happened, either.

Derek is not the first person to be caught off guard when asked about sexual assault, but it was the first one to be forced to answer honestly.

The Australian Bureau of Statistics estimates there are 2.7 million sexual assaults each year in the country.

That means one in every 30 Australians has experienced a sexual assault.

A spokesman for the ABC told News.

Com.au that the interview is not being shown on the ABC’s iView, and was taken down from the website.

The broadcaster is now investigating.

Posted March 10, 2019 14:59:40When you’re talking to someone about sex and you have the option to answer them honestly,…

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