Why are people in nursing homes so happy to be away from home?

It’s not all sunshine and rainbows for people in hospitals and nursing homes.

Some nursing home residents are unhappy about the changes to their jobs, their health and their lives.

The answers are in a new book from The Globe and Mail’s reporter, Emily Maitlis.

The book is called The Happy Hour, and it’s the first in a series about the work of the National Carers Alliance, a charity that provides support to the health care industry.

The Alliance is part of a new trend in the workplace.

Some nurses are taking part in work-life balance programmes, where they work from home and are supervised by a person who also has the job.

They also take part in social and community activities.

They are also being encouraged to make time to visit family and friends, and are looking to expand their social networks, Maitis writes.

They’ve also started to feel more connected to the community.

“There are some really positive things happening in the nursing home sector,” said Dr. Linda Kwan, who runs the Alliance’s work-health program.

“It’s not like they have to leave home every day, but they are in the same space, and they’re working together and working in an environment where you feel that you’re part of the community and that you can get involved.”

Some nurses are happy to leave the house to visit friends, or to attend a community event, but others are frustrated that they have so many responsibilities, and so little time.

“The fact that we have to do these kind of things with the support of someone who is not even working is not really that enjoyable,” said one nurse, who wished to remain anonymous.

“They are so busy.”

The book details the Alliance, as well as other community-based organizations and services that provide support and assistance for people with disabilities.

One of the most significant is the Alliance-Hospice Care program.

In the book, it describes the program as a community-led, non-profit health-care partnership that helps people who are at high risk of dying from illnesses or other conditions to transition into new, stable lives.

“We can give them the best possible care and support, but we also want them to be part of their community and not have to work from the hospital,” said Karen Smith, executive director of the Alliance.

Many of the nurses in the book said they feel they are being put in a tough position, but it’s a lot easier than it sounds.

“Some people think we’re doing the wrong thing.

The truth is that we’re just helping people, and we’re providing them with a lot of support and care,” said Debbie Lister, a nurse at the Alliance program.”

We know we’re the best caregivers out there.

We don’t want to see anyone else leave, but our work is really important.”

The Alliance’s mission statement reads: “We aim to create an environment in which people can be the best, most competent caregivers they can be, as long as they are willing to support each other in this endeavour.”

It encourages people to make an effort to stay in touch with their loved ones, and to have fun.

And it helps people stay in their homes.

“If you want to go to the park, and you want your family to come along, that’s great,” said Kwan.

“If you’re really worried about your health, or if you’re sick and need someone to care for you, we can help you out.”

Maitlis said the Alliance is hoping to continue the work that it started in the early 1900s.

“The Alliance started in 1903 with the goal of providing health care to all who were sick or in need, and I think that’s been the greatest achievement of our time,” she said.

“I think the work is continuing.

It’s just more urgent that it be seen as part of our broader goal of helping people to live more fulfilling, healthy lives.”

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It’s not all sunshine and rainbows for people in hospitals and nursing homes.Some nursing home residents are unhappy about the…

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