Which healthcare provider will take the ‘most seriously’ when it comes to treating Ebola?

On February 8, 2017, healthcare giant CVS Health announced that it would begin testing for the virus in all of its US pharmacies.

The decision, which was taken to “prevent a catastrophic situation”, sparked controversy from both the medical community and the public. 

While CVS was the first healthcare provider to announce they would begin screening, they were not the only ones. 

In the weeks following, a number of other healthcare companies also announced they would start testing. 

On February 18, 2017 The American Hospital Association (AHA) released its National Guidelines for Healthcare Provider Risk Assessment, a list of guidelines that all healthcare providers should follow when evaluating potential Ebola patients. 

The guidelines state that healthcare providers have the obligation to “examine and mitigate the risk of transmission” of the Ebola virus. 

These guidelines require that healthcare provider conduct an “internal review” of patients for “any other potential risk” before deciding whether to treat or quarantine them. 

“CVS Health is following the CDC’s recommendations and will be doing an internal review of our patients to ensure they do not have Ebola symptoms,” the company said in a statement at the time. 

CVS also stated that it will “review the testing protocols we use and implement them accordingly” when it determines that it is appropriate to start testing in all pharmacies. 

AHA guidelines also state that providers must ensure that they “are prepared to handle and respond to potential exposures” of healthcare workers in the event of an outbreak. 

However, not everyone is satisfied with CVS and its decision. 

Some healthcare professionals have called for a boycott of CVS in the wake of the CVS announcement. 

Many healthcare professionals are also concerned about the potential of other health care providers to fall victim to the virus, especially in the US. 

Since the announcement, many people have commented on Twitter about their reactions to CVS’s announcement.

 Some have tweeted about how they feel CVS should not have decided to start screening, or that CVS has made an ethical decision by not doing so. 

Others have questioned the fact that Cvs chose to begin testing instead of waiting for an Ebola vaccine to be released by the US government. 

As healthcare professionals, we should be doing more to ensure we are prepared to deal with and mitigate risks associated with Ebola outbreaks. 

And if we can’t, we can always just not be in the country in the first place. 

Source: Medical News Today

On February 8, 2017, healthcare giant CVS Health announced that it would begin testing for the virus in all of…

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