Why did McDonald’s change the name of its french fries?

Why did you change the names of McDonald’s french fries to a different brand?

Why did you name your new french fries after a different actor?

Why do you name a burger after a celebrity?

How did you find out about the McDonald’s French fries being renamed?

Did you notice the change in the name?

Did the company ask you to change it?

Did they give you any instructions?

Were you asked to do anything about it?

When did you know about the change?

What did you think when you saw the new name?

When was the first time you realized the new french fry was named after someone else?

How much did you like the new French fries?

Did your mom or grandma ask you about it before you made the change yourself?

Why does it matter what you name the french fries if you’ve already made the same change?

How does it feel when you eat them?

Are you surprised to see your old french fries changed?

Why were you surprised when you changed the name to a McDonald’s burger?

What do you think of the new logo?

What would you change it to?

How do you feel about a new french frieze?

What kind of fries do you prefer?

What about a burger?

Does McDonald’s have a new hamburger?

What’s the most memorable french fry you’ve ever had?

What was the most disappointing french fry?

What new burger will you be eating when you go back to eating McDonald’s?

What is your favorite thing about french fries and how did you get to like it?

What are some of the differences between the french fry and the burger?

What is the difference between the fries and the bun?

What should people do when they make a new French Fries burger?

Why did you change the names of McDonald’s french fries to a different brand?Why did you name your new french…

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