Why are you not getting paid for your work?

A senior corporate executive has shared with The Hindu how he has found himself out of pocket and forced to take up jobs in an effort to cover the cost of his children’s education.

The story began last year when one of his colleagues suggested he should take on a new job as the head of the board of directors of a software company.

In his new role, he would have to do the work of a senior executive, the person behind the board was a board member and the board would be responsible for paying him.

“My boss said, ‘If you take on the responsibility, it is for free’.

I asked, ‘What is free?’

And he said, it’s the board’s responsibility.

My boss said ‘I am taking the responsibility for this’.”

The executive decided to take on this responsibility.

“I didn’t have any options,” he says.

“I said, I will take on all the responsibilities.

But I was told to take care of the children.

The board members were paid Rs 15 lakh, the CEO was paid Rs 25 lakh, then I was paid about Rs 20 lakh.”

As soon as he took on this new responsibility, the executive found himself in a financial bind.

He had no choice but to work.

He was told by the executive that he could be paid Rs 5 lakh to Rs 15 million a month.

“So, I had to work and earn Rs 1.5 lakh a month to cover all my bills,” he adds.

“Then, I found out that the board members have their own salaries.

I was like, ‘This is not fair.

If the board has to pay the salary of the CEO, it will be a huge burden on my family’,” he adds, adding that the CEO would be paid only if he took a salary of Rs 2 lakh a year.

In fact, he had to take a salary in cash in order to pay for the children’s school fees.

“After I finished paying the salary, they gave me Rs 10 lakh, and I said, how much more can I do?

I have been forced to go back to work because I am paying the bills and taking the children to school,” he recalls.

The executive’s family members, friends and colleagues are in disbelief.

He has had to find work and take care for his family.

“The board members told me that I have to pay them.

They have to take it.

If I refuse to pay, I am in serious trouble,” he reflects.

When contacted by The Hindu, a board spokesperson said, “We have never received any such requests.

As per our rules, we have a right to withhold the payment of board members.

When contacted, the Chief Executive Officer of a leading IT company in Hyderabad, Rajan Bhatia, too did not want to comment.””

As a board, we are responsible to provide the services of a board chairperson for their salary, and for all other board members, and also for the payment and remuneration of all other employees.”

When contacted, the Chief Executive Officer of a leading IT company in Hyderabad, Rajan Bhatia, too did not want to comment.

“This story is completely ridiculous.

We do not pay our board members salaries.

All the board is paid in cash,” he said.

“If we pay them in cash, they will be grateful for our help.

But, they don’t do anything.

We need them to be in a position to take decisions.”

Asked if the executive’s claims were true, a spokesperson from Tata Consultancy Services, the company that owns the website portal.com, told The Hindu that Tata Consultancies is a private company.

“We do not comment on our personnel matters.

The company has been following the rules for more than two years and has paid all our board membership dues,” the spokesperson added.”

There is no reason to pay any dues to a person or a company.

Tata Consultants does not pay dues to anyone,” the statement added.

In his story, the senior executive says he has also been made to work from home and spend more time with his family in Hyderabadi than he had planned.

“There is a huge gap between the time spent at home and in our offices,” he explains.

“This is how much I spent working from home, spending less time with my family.

This is my fault,” he points out.

He also points out that his new job was only for one year.

“Now, I have started to realise that I had worked so hard in the past to become a CEO.

It is not easy to become the CEO of a large organisation.

But it is very rewarding.”

He says he is considering taking legal action against the executive.

“My family is waiting for me.

They want to know why I took such a decision.

They don’t want to work for me again,” he remarks.

“When my children graduate, I want to give them a job that is in the best interest of

A senior corporate executive has shared with The Hindu how he has found himself out of pocket and forced to…

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