How to be more of a mentor for your kids: The experts

By Katey Weinstein | The Associated PressIt’s a simple but powerful strategy: Teach your kids to be mentors.

The experts say it’s especially important to make sure your kids are well-behaved and learn the right social skills.

Experts say you can make a big difference by having them play with and make friends with other kids and adults.

Here are the questions to ask to help them grow as leaders.

What is a mentor?

Mentorship is when a parent, grandparent or other adult gives their child an opportunity to share a skill or experience.

It can include working with children, mentoring them in a sport, or helping them develop a personal or professional identity.

Mentors can also act as a mentor to children and adults when they are in crisis, or to help others overcome a problem.

For example, a parent can provide advice and help a child deal with a fear of heights, or a teacher can give advice on how to navigate a classroom situation.

Ments are also valuable when dealing with children with learning disabilities.

For example, if a child with a learning disability has difficulty learning or comprehending complex information, a teacher may give the child a challenge to think about a problem or take the child on a trip to see a museum.

Mantras and storytelling can also help students understand what’s important to them.

A teacher or parent can also provide guidance and support when their child is struggling.

The person who helps them will often feel guilty for not being more supportive, or that they are being selfish or unselfish, but they know that they have to make the right choice.

If you are worried that a child may be experiencing mental or emotional problems, you can talk to your child’s therapist or psychiatrist about what’s happening.

They may want to share what they are experiencing with their children.

By Katey Weinstein | The Associated PressIt’s a simple but powerful strategy: Teach your kids to be mentors.The experts say…

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