How to interview a great reporter in the workplace

An interview question should be about the person interviewing you.

“How would you describe yourself to a colleague if they were to ask you questions?” asks a guide on the NPR podcast, “How to Interview a Great Reporter in the Workplace.”

The question is not the interviewer’s, but it’s an important one.

“If you’re not sure if your interviewer is going to be interested in what you’re doing,” says Ben Sperber, a professor of communication and director of the Communication & Journalism Program at Columbia University, “put yourself in the interviewer to see if he or she is open to that sort of thing.”

If the interviewer is not, then you may be the wrong person for the job.

To find out if you’re the right person, ask your interviewer about yourself.

If he or her is interested, offer a question that captures the interviewee’s personality and experiences.

Then offer the person a response that shows you’re ready to get to know them better.

“That’s when you know that the interviewer likes what you are doing, that you have a good story to tell, and that you’ve got something worth talking about,” says Sperberg.

But if you feel you’re a little bit too much of a distance away from the interviewer, you can try to be a little more direct.

Ask about the interviewer.

You can do this by asking the person directly about themselves, and the person will be more likely to respond with their own story.

“A good interview question is a good interview,” says Andrew Gentry, an associate professor of communications at the University of Michigan and author of “The Art of Conversation.”

“The question is the same, but if the interviewer doesn’t like it, then it’s not really a good question.”

If you can’t answer a question, ask the person about themselves.

“The interviewer will have more to say if they talk about themselves,” says Gentry.

That can include telling the interviewer about a previous job you’ve done, their favorite movies, favorite bands, and favorite sports teams.

The more specific the question, the more likely the interviewer will respond.

“You don’t need to be specific,” says Michael R. Lebovitz, a former ABC News reporter and editor who is now at Syracuse University.

“But you want to be able to tell the interviewer that they’re going to get an accurate picture of you.”

“If someone is not particularly interested in talking about themselves or their past, they’ll want to know about the things that you’re good at,” says Rabin.

“In that sense, a great interview question will be one that can be answered by talking about yourself.”

What to avoid if you are interviewing a journalist.

A few tips on interviewing with a journalist that are common sense but will not hurt your chances.

If you’re interviewing a freelance reporter, be sure you’re able to answer a number of questions that can help them improve their craft.

“Ask the question of the day: What’s your favorite book?” says Siskel.

“Then ask, ‘What’s the story you’re writing?’

And if they don’t have any answers, ask them what they’d like to know,” he says.

If the interview isn’t as personal as you’d like, be careful.

You want the interviewer interested in how you do your job and not interested in your personal life.

“Don’t try to get into the personal stuff,” says Lebovet.

“Be more direct, and ask the questions you need to.”

“Be specific and direct,” says the guide on “How To Interview a Grandpa.”

“I want to ask what they think of my writing,” says a former Washington Post reporter.

“I’m not interested,” says her husband.

“Tell me what you think,” says an older woman who’s been working for the newspaper for more than 30 years.

“When you’re talking about something that you do for a living, it’s easy to get in the way of getting answers,” says Haney.

If, however, you’re in a more personal situation, and you have something to say about something they’ve said in the past, be bolder.

“It’s good to ask questions,” says Mireia Pinto, an NPR reporter and author.

“This way, you have your own perspective and your own voice, and it can be used as a stepping stone to better understand your interviewee.”

Ask about themselves and their family.

If an interviewer is a parent or grandparent, ask about them.

Ask what they’re like as a parent, says Gerson.

“Your question is very direct and direct, but you also have a way of giving the interviewer a sense of what they do,” he adds.

If they have a family member, ask what kind of person they are.

“Do they like to travel?

Do they have any children?” asks Lebowitz.

“Some people just like to

An interview question should be about the person interviewing you.“How would you describe yourself to a colleague if they were…

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