How to tell whether a colleague is abusive towards you

A behavioural interview is a short interview process that asks you to give detailed answers about what you do and think in order to gain a better understanding of the colleague.

While it may seem like an easy and straightforward question, you’ll need to practice answering it in different situations, as different situations may give you a different answer.

Read more about Behavioural Interviews and the Types of Interviews You Should Practice.

The types of questions you can ask are listed below.

Question 1: What are your most significant personal relationships?

Answer 1: I have three parents and two siblings.

My mother is my grandmother and my father is my grandfather.

Question 2: What do you think of the current political climate in India?

Answer 2: I support the Indian National Congress and am not voting for the Congress Party.

Question 3: How much time do you spend in your home?

Answer 3: Most of my time is spent with my family.

Question 4: What would you do if your children were in danger?

Answer 4: I would stay at home with my children and take them to school.

Question 5: How would you respond if your spouse had an affair?

Answer 5: I don’t have an affair, but I would have to decide how to react if my husband has one.

Question 6: What is your favorite food?

Answer 6: Indian cooking.

Question 7: How do you balance your personal and professional life?

Answer 7: I do both.

I do my best to be productive.

Question 8: What kind of company are you working for?

Answer 8: A company that focuses on the health, safety, and security of employees.

Question 9: How are you comfortable speaking with your family?

Answer 9: I am fine speaking to my family, but if there is something they want to say I need to listen to them.

Question 10: What advice would you give to a young person who is thinking of entering the workforce?

Answer 10: I tell them that the key is to be yourself.

Do what you love.

Question 11: What’s the best part about your job?

Answer 11: Being in a job.

Question 12: How long have you worked in a specific industry?

Answer 12: I worked in the banking industry for eight years.

Question 13: What did you like most about your previous job?

Ask a related question.

Question 14: Do you have a favorite restaurant?

Answer 14: I love going out for dinner.

Question 15: What were your favorite activities growing up?

Answer 15: I liked playing sports.

Question 16: What does the world look like to you now?

Answer 16: The world looks a lot brighter than it used to be.

Question 17: Do any of your family members have medical conditions that could cause them harm?

Answer 17: My father has colon cancer and my mother has cystic fibrosis.

Question 18: How did you come to be involved in yoga?

Answer 18: I started yoga because I wanted to learn how to do yoga.

Question 19: What motivates you?

Answer 19: I enjoy being creative.

Question 20: What was the best thing about your childhood?

Answer 20: My grandmother.

Question 21: What type of job do you want to pursue?

Answer 21: I want to be a manager.

Question 22: What types of jobs do you have lined up for the future?

Answer 22: I will work in software and development.

Question 23: What books or magazines do you read regularly?

Answer 23: I read a lot of English literature.

Question 24: Do your family or friends often give you gifts or encourage you to share their experiences?

Answer 24: Yes, my parents do.

Question 25: What book do you wish you had more time to read?

Answer 25: I wish I had more experience with writing.

Question 26: What will you do for your next job?

Answers 26-27: I’m thinking of working in finance, but other than that I’m going to focus on my work.

A behavioural interview is a short interview process that asks you to give detailed answers about what you do and…

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