How to answer Amazon’s interview questions: oprah interviews the weeknd

The weeknd has had a lot to say about her new album, 2017, and about what it means for pop culture and the industry.

Here are some of her best responses.

Oprah: What are some things you’d like to say to the music industry?

The Weeknd: It’s not just about music.

It’s about art and about humanity and it’s about being able to create something that you want to be proud of.

The weeknst: What do you think is the most exciting and surprising thing about 2017?

The week nst: I’m really excited about my life, especially because it’s not about me.

I’m a busy person, I work on my life.

The day nst has never really had a job, so that’s definitely a huge deal for me.

The next best thing?

Being able to travel and meet people.

And it’s really, really fun, and I’m very excited to be able to be part of that.

Opah: The year 2017 was a really big one for the industry, as well as for your music.

Opal: I think 2017 was the year when everything changed.

It was a big time for people to step away from their jobs and to really have time to get to know each other and have fun, to spend time together.

And then it was the first time that we really saw the kind of new energy that was going to come.

And so, yeah, we were all kind of excited.

Opie: I was surprised that 2017 didn’t come sooner, especially considering how big it was for pop music.

I was really hoping it would be a little bit quicker.

Opra: I feel like it was really, truly a wake-up call to people that it wasn’t just a one-off year.

We had some really incredible artists come out and make it feel so authentic, that it felt like we were on our own.

The whole year felt like a really, incredibly different kind of year for pop, and it just felt so fresh.

Ophelia: We just had a very strong year of music and we had some great albums.

I think there was a lot of good music out there, so it was a year of great music.

But it was just a really good year for us.

Opheus: I thought that it was such a great year for the music.

We were very proud of what we did, and we were very thankful for the support of our fans.

I would just say that the year before that, there was so much negativity in the world, and so much anger.

I didn’t feel like we had a ton of negativity to deal with.

Ophenia: It was really hard to take.

The year before I was in my early 20s, and the year after I was at 31.

I felt so young and inexperienced, and to be the only person that had to be in a band to have a successful career.

I just felt like, oh, I’m going to do something else now.

So, it was kind of tough.

I feel so lucky that I had my first opportunity.

Opio: We were just so happy that we were able to do it.

It felt so perfect.

We did so many great records and we all got to see the world and do what we loved, and now we get to see it for ourselves.

It feels so good.

Oprya: It felt like the world was coming together, and that was really good.

I really wanted to make sure that the fans felt safe and comfortable.

The people that I’ve been with for so long have always been so kind to me, so I’m so grateful to them for that.

So I can honestly say that I am super grateful.

Opus: It wasn’t easy.

It took a long time to realize that we needed to have this conversation.

We wanted to be open and transparent, and then I just found out how much people had been waiting for this for so many years.

We’ve been really vocal about wanting to be involved, and in the end, we got to a point where we wanted to do this.

I love that we got the chance to share this and get feedback.

Oprian: The last year was just amazing.

I mean, the music is amazing, and what the music has become, it’s a very positive thing.

It made me feel like the community is growing and growing and getting better and better.

It gave me a sense of peace that I didn`t have for a long, long time.

I never knew that music was so important and I don’t know if I could ever be as happy as I am now, so thanks so much.

The weeknd has had a lot to say about her new album, 2017, and about what it means for pop…

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