Why Chipotle’s new CEO will be fired by company

Chipotle CEO and founder Chipotle founder Harold Meghan has resigned her post after she refused to accept the company’s apology for using her photo in a commercial promoting the popular fast food chain.

The resignation comes less than two months after Chipotle announced that it had paid the former head of its Mexican division to help it deal with allegations of racism and misogyny.

Meghan was appointed to the position in April, the company said in a statement.

In an interview with CNN, Meghan said she was leaving the company because she was “disappointed” with how she was treated by the company and with the culture that she had created.

She added that she was not willing to work for Chipotle again, but said that the company had made her job a priority and she wanted to “explore my options.”

She said she wanted a change in leadership.

“Chipotle has never been my first choice, and I do not want to make a mistake again.

I feel like this was my decision,” Meghan wrote in the CNN interview.”

I want to thank Chipotle for all they have done to support me and my family over the years.

I wish them all the best.

I am deeply sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused you and for any disappointment you may have felt.”

The Chipotle board met Wednesday afternoon to decide on Meghan’s replacement.

The resignation is effective immediately, and Chipotle said she would receive severance pay.

Megan said that she planned to return to the company as a consultant.

“After the time I’ve spent at Chipotle, I am truly thankful for all that they have offered me, and for the opportunity to serve their community,” she said.

Chipotle announced Wednesday that it would pay Meghan $4.6 million in compensation over the next three years, including severance.

Meghan also received $2.5 million in non-compensatory cash bonuses.

Chipotra, which was acquired by Yum Brands in 2017, has since apologized for the ad, saying that the images were meant to promote the “best ingredients.”

In an email to CNN, Chipotle spokesman Kevin Hall said that Meghan had apologized for using the photo in the commercial and was willing to accept responsibility for the company.

“We are taking action to ensure that we are both a better and more respectful workplace,” Hall said.

“This is a time for us to come together as a company and to recognize the important role that we all play in bringing Chipotle to new heights.

We are taking this step to ensure the safety of our employees, our community and our guests.”

Chipotle CEO and founder Chipotle founder Harold Meghan has resigned her post after she refused to accept the company’s apology…

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