Interview in spain with a man who helped to build a country

ASMUS, Spain — A man who is considered the architect of Spain’s “Balkanization” has been arrested by Spain’s military police and charged with terrorism for organizing an interview in Spanish that he said could have exposed the government’s involvement in the war in neighboring Albania.

Alberto Gonzalez, 62, told reporters that he had been asked to give an interview to the Al Jazeera English news network, the Spanish newspaper El Mundo reported on Monday.

The newspaper said the interview was scheduled for Friday in a cafe in the city of Salamanca, near the border with Greece.

Gonzalez, who is suspected of being behind the “El Mundo” article, told El Mundó he had received an anonymous phone call from an Italian who asked him to speak to Al Jazeera’s journalist, who had recently returned from Albania.

Gonzalez said he had a meeting with the journalist on March 13, and that the interview lasted about two hours.

In a phone call to Aljazeera, Gonzalez said the journalist had asked him if he was willing to be interviewed.

He said he told the journalist that he could not do it, but that he would “do it,” and that he planned to go to the Albanian Embassy in Madrid.

Gomez told El Mañana that he was not the one who called the journalist.

However, he told El País that he knew that his father had asked to have the interview conducted.

He also told the newspaper that the journalist did not want to publish the interview.

Giovanni Gonzalez was born in Madrid in 1954.

He was educated at the University of Salamona, and went on to study at the Sorbonne and the University de France.

He went on a teaching career at the Universidad de Barcelona and then went to the Sorbodas school of journalism in the 1970s.

He later returned to Spain, where he has been a journalist for more than 40 years.

Garcia was arrested in July, and on Monday the Interior Ministry confirmed the charges.

The ministry said Gonzalez had admitted to organizing the meeting and gave the names of two people who were in contact with him.

The two people are known to have been in contact since last year, the ministry said.

Gottalez is not the only one in the public eye to have faced charges in connection with an interview with Al Jazeera.

The Madrid-based newspaper El Pais reported that Spanish authorities arrested a journalist in July over an interview he gave to an international media organization, after the newspaper’s journalists received a threatening phone call.

The journalist was later released on bail.

ASMUS, Spain — A man who is considered the architect of Spain’s “Balkanization” has been arrested by Spain’s military police…

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