In this social age where everyone is connected with everyone else, we knowingly or unknowingly create trillions of interactions in the form of text, symbols, pictures, locations, signs etc. in every single second. Every day we emit enormous amount of data via the machines we use in our daily lives.

An airplane generates 10GB of data per second; and you may be surprised to see the below stats:

1.        7000+ tweets are tweeted on Twitter in 1 second.

2.       700+ Photos are uploaded on Instagram in 1 second.

3.       1000+ Tumblr posts in 1 second.

4.       2000+ Skype calls in 1 second.

5.       36000+ GB of internet traffic in 1 second.

6.       55000+ Google Searches in 1 second.

7.       125000+ Youtube videos are viewed in 1 second.

8.       2500000+ Emails are send in 1 second.

9.       293000+ status updates 136000+ photos are uploaded onto Facebook every 1 minute.

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Don’t just sit at workplace!

Workplace Fitness, Workout
Active lifestyle is a necessity when we are spending majority of our time sitting and working on computer. Prolonged sitting is said to lead to increased risk of heart disease, obesity, diabetes and cancer. We should engage in any king of physical activity like sports, yoga, gym, dance etc to keep ourselves fit. However this can sometimes seem like a daunting challenge with the increased work load and travel time due to traffic. Here are some small things you can incorporate in your lifestyle which will be beneficial over a long run.
1. Walk
Walking is the simple and easiest way to get more active. Take breaks to walk or stroll over to talk to a coworker instead of emailing or chat.
2. Take stairs instead of elevators 
Climbing stairs is one of the best exercises when it comes to pure FAT BURN, strengthening the lower body.
3. Blink

A Few Things That a Successful Applicant Does

We are often posed with the question what a successful applicant does online. With virtually every company present on-line and it made mandatory as a company policy for most companies to advertise all open position on the internet. It is but imperative for a serious job-seeker to have a significant presence online and to spend some serious effort to be successful as a job seeker. Some of the things that can be done online are as follows.


Interview Tips

I was recently a part of an interview process in which I interviewed multiple of candidates. I found that most of the candidates had good knowledge, but certain small things differentiated them from each other and many of them made better impact, which impressed the interviewer more than the rest of the candidates.

In order to select right candidate and out of my curiosity for studying human behaviour, I read numerous articles written by career experts.

I want to share some of my knowledge gained from these articles and also my experience in the form of some small but important Interview tips.


  • Know your resume: Interviewer mostly asks questions from your resume so knowing each and every word on resume is very important for a candidate.


  • Research and Rehearse: Do a little research about the company which has called you for the interview. It will greatly reflect your interest for the job and a little rehearsal/practice will boost your confidence.
  • Dress Appropriately: Your attire makes a statement, about you and your personality, before you even open your mouth.


  • Ask Questions: It gives you opportunity to discover details about job and it can change the perception of hiring manager about you.


Few Methods for a Better Work Life Balance and Better Career

If you want to be happy at work today, your attitude determines everything. It is imperative to stay positive in today’s work place.

Today’s workplace is an open work environment .We continuously corresponding with our customers, colleagues, seniors, suppliers etc. Everyone is aware of how we work; our schedule and our mood .We are working in a place that is full of possibilities. And we have to always maintain our civility and good humor.

If you are really happy, everybody around you can makes out how you are feeling, so it is very helpful in keeping your outlook positive.

If you are happy that improves your productivity. Being positive increases your resilience, you are then able to adapt better and more capable of solving the issues you have. Employees that are happy are rated better from the bosses and companions and enjoy better job satisfaction because work is better managed by them.


Ways To More Fulfilling WorkLife


Learn to Say “No.”

It is no harm in respectfully declining new assignments to run the PTA or serve on an extra committee at work. When you stop doing things out of pressure and force, you’ll find more time to focus on activities completely and will truly bring you joy and error less results in each and every delivered assignment. This will further lead to appreciation to you for better work quality.


Use Positive Language

Most Common Interview Questions And How To Answer Them


It is extremely important to prepare for a job interview. Most candidates research the company, prepare responses to typical questions asked in an interview and prepare a few questions that you think the employer might ask. But are you sure the answers you have prepared are the once that the hiring manager seeks or are you giving responses that are lowering your chances of getting selected.

Even one of the simplest of questions “Can you tell me about yourself?” can be detrimental to the fortunes of the most able of the candidates. But it also gives you a chance to make an impression on the interviewer.

Here are some interview questions and tips on how to answer them

1.”Please tell me about yourself?”

Though this question looks pretty straight forward it is not so simple. By starting the interview with this inquiry, the HR manager is trying to ascertain your confidence level, how motivated you are your passion for the job and your communication skills

So it is most advisable to talk about your career progression and not your personal life. And mostly elaborate on your experience and skills as they relate to the job and mention about your educational background as a student. Then close by explaining why this particular position is of interest to you. Last but not the least you should be confident and passionate in whatever you speak.

Recruitment Process Effect on Companies Brand

At times your recruitment system doesn’t seem to be working. It turns into a nightmare of too much work and not enough man power to do the work. It is very easy in today’s scenario with too many applicants and too few HR resources to let the prospective employee pass without being shown proper courtesies like intimating the result of selection process, providing him with a clear picture of where he stands in the selection process e.t.c. and in this age of virtually connected communities this can seriously affect the image of the company if the prospective candidates goes online and posts his experience and this can seriously tarnish the employer brand image.


1.    Your Image as an employer is taking a toll.

So as to have a good brand image as an employer one has to be consistent and empathetic towards candidate and respect and value candidate’s time and money while hiring your future work force. You don’t want your recruitment process to be having any ambiguities and grey areas where the candidate is left to fend for himself without any proper guidance and communication. At least 70% Companies fall under this category. This is the reason job searching becomes such a trying endeavor for the candidate.

2.    Engaging Candidates Ineffectively.

Industries in Delhi for Employment Opportunities

As the Indian economy expands, job opportunities have increased in leaps and bounds. Cities like Delhi/NCR are the hub of employment opportunities spanning across various sectors. Read the following post to know more.


Job Market of Delhi/NCR - Overview

While Delhi happens to be the political capital of the country, it also happens to be a hub of industries and job seekers. Initially, jobs in Delhi were segmented within the government sector with very few options available with the private. However, with the economic liberalization of India in 1991, private sector and even multinationals began foraying in the city. 

With industrialization taking place in and around all parts of Delhi many foreign as well as Indian companies are setting up their corporate offices here. Over the past one and a half decade Delhi has become one of the most sought after location for jobs in India. Now, with the National Capital Region (NCR) consolidating—satellite cities of Gurgaon and Noida has also become the hub of professional activities in the region. Several industries operate in the region and needless to say that for jobseekers, there would be no dearth for opportunities in Delhi. Sectors where one can find jobs in Delhi are—core engineering, sales and marketing, IT, ITeS, BPO, Media and Journalism, non-technical, publishing, real estate, travel and tourism, consulting, and much more.


Scope for Core Engineering