18 Reasons Why an Applicant Tracking System is Indispensable

ATS are slowly becoming indispensable for HR professionals and recruiters. Some of the ATS are not as effective because they target keywords but that is not an issue with some latest online solutions like 9KriWala. Candidates as well as recruiters have everything to gain as the process becomes automated and more efficient. The ATS help recruiters scan through the talent pool and helps in reducing the turnaround time for each hire thus also reducing the effort , energy and money spent for each hire. So how does an ATS help save precious resources while hiring effectively. ATS is through research known to save 20 percent of company’s precious time during hiring process. More than half of organizations have identified the need of making some major HR tech purchases in 18 months.
1. As many as 75 % of big companies use ATSs to filter profiles before hirer sees them.
2. As many as 70% of profiles never see human eyes.   
3. As many as 76% of candidates like to apply through job portals.
4. According to estimates online job postings represent 15 to 20 % of employment opportunities .  
5. Following jobs are likely to  be fully automated in the years to come : : telemarketers, 99%; accountants, 94%; real estate agents, 86%; airline pilots, 55%.
6. Jobs that cannot be automated are clergy, 0.8%; dentists, 0.4%; recreational therapists, 0.2%.
7. 2% prefer online access to ATS, and 1% preferred on site location.
8. 20% of companies experience a reduction in hiring time.
9. ATS reduces the qualified candidates pool by 75%.
10. 57% of companies plan to buy HR software in next 18 months. 
11. A firm with 8 employees can save up to $10,000 using an ATS.
12. Companies receive an average of 12500 applications per job opening. 
13. 58% of applicants who have bad experience as candidate blame it to on poor status updates of applications.
14. 40% of mobile applicants abandon the application process when they find it less then satisfactory experience.
15. Only 5% of applicants rate their experience as satisfactory.
16. 60% of medium sized companies use ATS.
17. HR experts calculate the average hiring process cost at around 40000 rupees.
18. Large companies such as Infosys receive 150000 applications per week.
With big companies receiving plethora of applications, it is almost imperative for them to resort to automation of the entire process. The ATS is becoming all the more popular for the large companies. Small and medium enterprises are also looking for cost effective way of recruitment automation. Automation is the most recent and effective trend in the current recruitment process . How effectively is your ATS? You might like a free trial at sites like 9KriWala.