About 9KriWala

9KriWala aims to make recruitment process more interactive, social and easy.

In this tech savvy age when even interacting with friends just requires opening laptop and doing video chat, we felt why recruitment process is still a tedious one that requires travelling long distance for giving tests and interviews and even recruiter has to invest time, money and space for hiring.
These thoughts,our own experience and lot of research lead to the creation of 9kriwala.com. 9kriwala is the product of Leap Reap Tech Services Pvt Ltd (LRTS). We focus on simplifying and automating existing processes.
Join 9KriWala.com to get online recruitment platter which caters to following features:
  • Applying for Jobs (Applicants)/ ‘Resume’ Search (Recruiter)
  • Online evaluation tests
  • VC Interviews
  • Online offers
  • Holistic view of job cycle for Applicants and Recruiters
We hope we did our bit to make jobs search and hiring equally easy by complete automation of recruitment process to save time, money and space.