Few Methods for a Better Work Life Balance and Better Career

If you want to be happy at work today, your attitude determines everything. It is imperative to stay positive in today’s work place.

Today’s workplace is an open work environment .We continuously corresponding with our customers, colleagues, seniors, suppliers etc. Everyone is aware of how we work; our schedule and our mood .We are working in a place that is full of possibilities. And we have to always maintain our civility and good humor.

If you are really happy, everybody around you can makes out how you are feeling, so it is very helpful in keeping your outlook positive.

If you are happy that improves your productivity. Being positive increases your resilience, you are then able to adapt better and more capable of solving the issues you have. Employees that are happy are rated better from the bosses and companions and enjoy better job satisfaction because work is better managed by them.


Ways To More Fulfilling WorkLife


Learn to Say “No.”

It is no harm in respectfully declining new assignments to run the PTA or serve on an extra committee at work. When you stop doing things out of pressure and force, you’ll find more time to focus on activities completely and will truly bring you joy and error less results in each and every delivered assignment. This will further lead to appreciation to you for better work quality.


Use Positive Language

All the oral and verbal communication that you do has an effect on other’s image of you. Your mannerism –on phone, email and in person have an effect on other’s mood. You should like to jazz up the routine pleasantries in order to give a positive vibe to all who you interact with.


Protect Your Private Time

Keep you private time separate from all the kind of work and deadlines in hand. Try to understand that work pressure and hard deadlines are part and parcel of your job and it will continue to become more and more stringent the more you keep on trying to manage it. To have the best productivity at work and in order to manage each stringent deadline in an efficient manner you should first keep yourself up to the mark to perform efficiently. And in order to do that you need to keep your mind relaxed by giving yourself enough private time which helps you get back to work with your 100%.


Be the solution to problems than problem

You should limit your complaining to minimum. It worsens your condition, and it kind of rubs off to other people around you as well. If you can’t figure out a way to solve a problem or challenge, then try to find the root cause and put your efforts in removing the gaps. Acting cheerful in the face of challenges will boost your career and professional reputation. It will also further help you in overcoming each and every hurdle of your day to day working routine.


Elevate Your Mood

If you have a rather busy work schedule ahead of you, listen to something that puts you in the good  mood  and recharges you emotionally. You may have a good luck charm that you would like to use or accessory that you would want to put on. It may have the psychological effect of making you more confident. It could be anything, a watch, a pen or something else.

If you are not in a particularly nice mood, take a break to play a game that you are good at. It could be anything such as ken-ken , a crossword puzzle or wordogram on your phone . This will take your mind off from the negative mood  you are in , it also will let you experience a temporary high .The trick is to take a break that is long enough to rejuvenate you .


Return Compliments

Appreciate all that is good around you and all that good will return you. When you notice something positive being done around you and you appreciate it, chances are that they will be returned to you.

This is a take what you give philosophy and it generally works well in a working atmosphere. If you would like yourself to be appreciated for your work same would your colleagues, subordinates or even your bosses. So don’t hesitate to appreciate anything which you see positive. This practice in turn also helps to build up a positive working environment around you.