A Few Things That a Successful Applicant Does

We are often posed with the question what a successful applicant does online. With virtually every company present on-line and it made mandatory as a company policy for most companies to advertise all open position on the internet. It is but imperative for a serious job-seeker to have a significant presence online and to spend some serious effort to be successful as a job seeker. Some of the things that can be done online are as follows.


  1. Keep Your Profile Updated: Your resume/profile is the first impression that you make on the potential recruiter. So it is of utmost importance that you keep it up to date.  It should be the best representation of the skill you acquire overtime. If there is a new course that you recently completed or a skill you acquired at work, be sure to include it in your profile at the earliest opportunity.
  2. Keep Your Professional Profile Photo:  Your profile pic helps to add a face to your name and thus lends a personality to a set of skills that you have added in your profile and thus goes a long way in deciding whether you will make it into the final shortlist.
  3. Become a Member of Right Communities/Groups: In almost all the professional or social online networks there is an option to become a member of a group where you have similarly skilled people grouped together to share experiences and opportunities. It goes without saying that it only helps to be a part of such communities.
  4. Keep Increasing Your Influence: If you have a considerable number of people that you are associated with on these networks, you obviously have access to information that is not otherwise available to the person who does not have that good will on these networks. As goes for all relationships whatever the nature of your association that you have to share the information that matters to others for them to reciprocate. Though not always a rule, you should be at least willing to share information that you have access to.
  5. Broaden Your Horizons: Take the time out to follow/associate with somebody who is known to be a thought leader in your industry. This helps to keep you abreast of the latest industry knowledge and trends and armed with all that information you stand a greater chance to crack whatever questions that are coming your away in the form of interview.
  6. Get Endorsed: These endorsements may be in the form of latest professional certifications that you may take from reputed professional associations in your area of expertise. Or in the form of getting to know references from reputed persons in your industry or function.  It is sure to increase the weight of your profile and will ultimately land you a job.
  7. Follow Companies that you hope to land a job in: Everybody has a set of companies that they want to land up a job in.  You should keep yourself updated with the latest happenings in those companies so that in the case you are called for an interview in those companies you should be well equipped and informed to crack the interview in those companies.