In this social age where everyone is connected with everyone else, we knowingly or unknowingly create trillions of interactions in the form of text, symbols, pictures, locations, signs etc. in every single second. Every day we emit enormous amount of data via the machines we use in our daily lives.

An airplane generates 10GB of data per second; and you may be surprised to see the below stats:

1.        7000+ tweets are tweeted on Twitter in 1 second.

2.       700+ Photos are uploaded on Instagram in 1 second.

3.       1000+ Tumblr posts in 1 second.

4.       2000+ Skype calls in 1 second.

5.       36000+ GB of internet traffic in 1 second.

6.       55000+ Google Searches in 1 second.

7.       125000+ Youtube videos are viewed in 1 second.

8.       2500000+ Emails are send in 1 second.

9.       293000+ status updates 136000+ photos are uploaded onto Facebook every 1 minute.

Visualize here 

And this is just the beginning, there exists many forms of unstructured data which earlier had no use but is of tremendous value now, ex: Signals emitted by a telecom tower which was earlier termed as noise data, now these signals can be analysed to predict any fault which is likely to happen in the functioning of tower.

Things have changed in this digital world where each and every action/reaction leaves a digital footprint which can be analysed by a machine with the help of Machine Learning, machines will become more human and would help us as a companion in our day to day lives. This change the way we see the world now, and future would be much more predictable with the help of these technologies and knowledge from data. Diagnosis of a disease would be possible by a machine with a simple body scan, forecasting natural calamities to 100% accuracy would become possible, prediction of a virus to be likely to become a epidemic in certain part of the world by just analysing the volume of posts mentioning word virus, understanding human mobility trends by reading mobile signals, predicting the success of a new launched product/movie in market by analysing reviews, comments and posts about that product and much more…

Data analysis have taken revolutionary turn with analysing any kind of data (structured or unstructured), technologies like big data, hadoop ecosystem, spark are helping us analyse real time data to achieve and provide answers to the questions which were unanswered till now. DATA is becoming the most valuable asset and is treated to be more valuable than any other assets by industries these days. Data analysis has opened new era of possibilities leading to fresh ideas about utilizing this data in one way or other.  It is rightly said “we overestimate what a technology can do now, and underestimate what it can do 10 years from now”. There are growing and highly paid opportunities in these technologies these days, which can be found and applied using job portals like (CLICK HERE), for reference also see interview tips and what a successful applicant does.