Interview Tips

I was recently a part of an interview process in which I interviewed multiple of candidates. I found that most of the candidates had good knowledge, but certain small things differentiated them from each other and many of them made better impact, which impressed the interviewer more than the rest of the candidates.

In order to select right candidate and out of my curiosity for studying human behaviour, I read numerous articles written by career experts.

I want to share some of my knowledge gained from these articles and also my experience in the form of some small but important Interview tips.


  • Know your resume: Interviewer mostly asks questions from your resume so knowing each and every word on resume is very important for a candidate.


  • Research and Rehearse: Do a little research about the company which has called you for the interview. It will greatly reflect your interest for the job and a little rehearsal/practice will boost your confidence.
  • Dress Appropriately: Your attire makes a statement, about you and your personality, before you even open your mouth.


  • Ask Questions: It gives you opportunity to discover details about job and it can change the perception of hiring manager about you.


Never criticize any company/companies with which you are working or had worked earlier, or your past and present co-workers: Talk about challenges and improvements without negativity of criticizing, Badmouthing, always, has a negative impact on the interviewer.


Hope reading these interview tips helps you in successful handling of your interviews.