Recruitment Process Effect on Companies Brand

At times your recruitment system doesn’t seem to be working. It turns into a nightmare of too much work and not enough man power to do the work. It is very easy in today’s scenario with too many applicants and too few HR resources to let the prospective employee pass without being shown proper courtesies like intimating the result of selection process, providing him with a clear picture of where he stands in the selection process e.t.c. and in this age of virtually connected communities this can seriously affect the image of the company if the prospective candidates goes online and posts his experience and this can seriously tarnish the employer brand image.


1.    Your Image as an employer is taking a toll.

So as to have a good brand image as an employer one has to be consistent and empathetic towards candidate and respect and value candidate’s time and money while hiring your future work force. You don’t want your recruitment process to be having any ambiguities and grey areas where the candidate is left to fend for himself without any proper guidance and communication. At least 70% Companies fall under this category. This is the reason job searching becomes such a trying endeavor for the candidate.

2.    Engaging Candidates Ineffectively.

Your recruitment process is not effective if candidate does not get a response to his application or has to wait endlessly after appearing in your recruitment process. And they are also very likely to share their bad experience on social media. The chances of this happening are as high as 64%. As candidates are the final opinion makers it is imperative to make their experience positive so that their opinions are not a road block in the prospects of the company and they post positive reviews on online communities. 

3.    You can’t handle the work load yourself.

It is becoming increasingly difficult to handle the work load by yourself. You need better applicants, and as the quality of recruitment gets better, it will improve the quality of higher and in turn will improve the retention of the new hires. And if managing the paper work for all this is becoming a challenge. You can give your HR department a big boost with the introduction of an ATS. These days online tools like 9KriWala can give a big thrust to your aver all recruitment efforts. This will also reduce the turnaround time for each hire. And also make the recruitment process hassle free.

Some of the features of ATS are as follows. Apart from making posts on various job boards and social media at a single shot. Automating the communications sent out to the candidates as well as reminders to the recruiter. Some of the other features are as follows:

  • Resume management: Bring the resume of the candidate at the figure tips of the recruiter.
  • Applicant tracking: They serve to track the progress of the applicants as they cross various stages in the recruitment cycle. And can also provide this information in an easily downloadable excel file.
  • On-Line Tests and Interviews: 9KriWala application tracking systems have a feature of evaluating candidates through automated tests and interviews which can be scheduled at the will, availability and convenience of the recruiter.

Using the above features that are typically present in ATS, a recruiter can manage the experience that candidates have with your company at all the touch points and thus create a positive image in the mind of the candidates being accessed giving them a positive and convenient experience can improve the image of the company in the online communities thus creating a positive word of mouth for the company.